Traffic is very prevalent in our society. No one would like to spend hours on end in traffic after a hectic day at the office; for this reason, most people would prefer to leave close to their workplace. However, the most dreadful aspect of their work-life is the daily commute between their home and office for many professionals today. Not only does this commute waste a lot of time every single day, but it is also costly and tiring.

It is essential to consider a job close to where you live because, to a large extent, it affects your physical and mental health and your work-life balance.

There are many advantages to living closer to work that will benefit you and your family in the short term and the long run. We’ve listed some of these below!

1. You save money: It is outrageous that most people spend more than half of their salaries on transport fare to work. This excludes the fact that transport fare could increase at any point in time.

2. It takes a toll on your health: Spending hours on the road will expose you to pollution, especially in a major city like Lagos that is crowded and densely populated; picture sitting in an airtight, limited space Lagos bus and inhaling the fumes from trucks and cars, that is enough to make you depressed and frustrated.

3. Massive stress: the stress is just not worth it. Very far distance between your workplace and your house affects your mental health and can make you frustrated as you have to wake up extra early and possibly stand in a queue to enter buses.

4. Less motivation: you definitely will feel less motivated after going through the journey and possibly traffic

5. Accident-prone: when you have to travel so far to work daily, you are more prone to witnessing and being involved in accidents and crazy drivers.

6. Reduces your productivity: considering the hustle and struggle for a vehicle and other stress you may encounter on your way to work, you may end up not being as productive as you should because of stress.

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