Your small apartment can look larger than they really are if properly styled. It doesn’t have to look all choked up because it isn’t as big as you would have liked it. You will be amazed that the tiniest of apartments have more storage space than you think. These tips will help make your small apartment look bigger than it really is.

1. Make use of hidden storage and multi-purpose items: Small spaces don’t have room for items that only perform one task, Get creative and make use of items that can be used for several things. for instance, a desk that doubles as a dining table, also make use of hidden storage, you can put some items in your center table’s invincible drawer. There are many clever pieces of furniture that are multi-purpose – you just need to decide which ones fit your needs and priorities.

2. Paint or Wallpaper the ceiling to make it look taller: Anything that draws the eye upwards will make your apartment feel bigger. You can create the illusion of more space when you paint the ceiling using a not-so-dark color and when you add some eye-catching wallpaper.

3. Strategic Furniture Arrangement: Nothing makes a room feel clustered like placing your furniture in a wrong position, to successfully arrange your furniture start by knowing the function of each of the furniture, although a big comfortable couch will make your apartment look bigger than multiple chairs.

4. Lots of light: Light gives more space depth. you should consider leaving your curtains and windows open as more light into the apartment makes it feel more spacious.

5. Use the right colors: The colour you use has an effect on how spacious your apartment looks. Use the right colours on the walls and the floor. Light colours tend to make your apartment feel more airy and spacious.
Are you are tired of your apartment looking choked up? Then you should try out these tips.


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