The living room is the most popular place in a house. In many homes, the living room is where families relax and host their guests. So it needs to look great, but it should have a friendly atmosphere and be comfortable since you will most likely be spending a lot of time in the room.

Most times, this room is where the television, furniture, and other essentials are placed. All this will easily fill up a small living room, so it could be a little tricky designing a small living room because you don’t want it looking all choked up. A choked-up living room is never attractive to anyone. Some Small living rooms appear larger than they are because of smart styling.

These tips will help transform your small living room into a comfortable and stylish one:

1. Don’t block the light: letting natural light into the room will make your living room feel more airy, open, and attractive. Even if you do not have access to natural light, use light shades to maximize the light you have. The room will tend to be choked up if you use dark curtains.

2. Use large decorations: Many small things in a small space can make the room look cluttered. Make use of a few larger decorations for comfort.

3. Paint your walls: Another best way to design your small living room is to have fun colors. Although you don’t want to make your living room look chaotic, you should stick to one color

4. Use multiple functional types of furniture: There is multiple function furniture; combining each concept in one space helps eliminate clutter and gives space.

5. Keep curtains and walls the same color: This will make the curtain blend into the walls and avoid intruding on the space available.

6. Keep your floor visible: your room will feel more open and airy when you choose tv stands and furniture with legs.

7. Pick the right center table: If you decide to have a center table be cautious when picking one. You don’t want something that will occupy the little space you have. For example, a glass table creates the illusion of extra space in a small living room.

8. Consider mounting your television: aside from the fact that it makes the living room look more modern, it will help free up your floor space.

9. Make use of wallpaper: One bold artwork creates a focal point for the room and draws the eye upward. It adds depth into the room

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