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The RealtyPros Business Academy

The RealtyPros Business Academy Is an entrepreneur’s mentorship program, a hub where an array of courses are dissected and executed/delivered  to properly engage, upgrade and rebrand individuals to start, own and succeed in the Real Estate industry and any industry or business.

It is a six days class structure, where you attend either six Wednesdays or six Saturdays; here you will connect, network and learn in a secure and very conducive environment under the teaching of  seasoned Real estate experts, business consultants, professional men and women in their various fields with proven track records.








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Mindset shift: Employee to Entrepreneur

  • New mind set.
  • decode and recode self.
  • Awareness.
  • Power of thought.
  • Self development
  • mentor/ Mentee relation
  • Authority.

  • Network Marketing

  • Why Networking Marketing
  • Starting right.
  • Up line responsibility
  • Right Attitude
  • 7 sales secret in closing that deal
  • Power of Networking.
  • Networking in 2020.
  • Digital Marketing

  • Why Digital marketing.
  • Search engine Optimization.
  • influencer marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Instagram optimization
  • Facebook optimization
  • YouTube optimization
  • Advance Sales and Marketing strategy.

  • Principle's of Marketing.
  • Principles of sales.
  • 7 P's in Marketing.
  • 4'C in Marketing
  • Sales Funnel.
  • Difference BTW Sales and Marketing.
  • Offline Marketing.
  • Psychology of selling.
  • Leadership

  • Meaning of Leadership.
  • Difference BTW leadership and Boss
  • Creative Leadership
  • True leadership
  • Duplicating Leadership
  • Nigerian Leader.

  • Public Speaking and Presentation. (Master class)

  • 100% Public speaking Performance.
  • Cost for complete 6 classes in 3 months goes for a whopping discount of 20%.

    ₦170,000   ₦136,000

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