Welcome to Family. Health and Luxury Lifestyle… On this issue we showcase other Nigerian celebrities understanding and love for Real Estate. Majority of Nigerian celebrities like their counterparts abroad have begun to seriously invest in Real Estate, Lands, and Luxury Housies in General. Every Celebrity who has achieved a certain level of success, now tries to buy Real Estate. For celebrities, their Residence is also an indicator of their status. As its Said, “my house is my castle”.Celebrities can be categorized in two forms.

There are those who prefer not to advertise their homes. They buy a modest house far away from prying eyes or prefer to rent and move from one location to another for variety and privacy. Then there are celebrities who want to build or buy something super expensive and grandiose, they love the full attention, they love to impress, it makes them more interesting to the world. Such celebrities, equip their homes with the very best luxury finishing all the way like Swimming pool, fancy cars and they enjoy showing off much more.

We cannot take into account all the stars, on this issue, but we’ll try to consider some of the famous ones. In subsequent issues we will interview them and showcase their Castles. Let’s begin.

(1). First celebrity on our list is the popular ” Jennifer ” Funke Akindele: Amen Estate has Funke Akindele as their superstar Ambassador, can anyone beat that. Amen Estate is now known as a ‘Nollywood home’ with over 10% of Nollywood films star using their estate as film props, but with Funke Akindele having an ‘open house’ star studded grand house warming party and then numerous music videos show casing and singing praises of the Estate, sure beats all else and has pushed the Estate in the face of the public.

(2). The second celebrity we have our search light on, is none other than Tuface Idibia popularly called “2 baba”. This artist has a beautiful mansion at New Haven also known as AY’s Lekki Garden at Ajah and he is currently building a home (A Palace so to speak) for his mother-in-law at Thomas Estate, Ajah

(3). Next on our focus is “Omo-Baba-Olowo” popularly known as Davido. He is a very popular singer song writer in Nigeria and he has a house in Lekki phase 1. For some time the musician aroused the public’s interest with photos taken from the construction site. He assured fans that it was the building of his new house. Recently, he announced his move to his new mansion. The house is quite massive. It has three floors. Its design is simple without any special frills and fanciful elements, but has several balconies and a terrace too, Talk about splendour…

(4). Next on our list is the adorable Linda Ikeji with her Banana placed mansion: Linda Ikeji is a well known Blogger who considers herself self-made. Linda is a vivid example that a person can achieve much with hard work and perseverance. Not so long ago, Linda acquired a chic house in Banana Island Ikoyi Lagos with a value of over 500 million Naira. The beautiful white mansion is a combination of classic and hi-tech designs. The threplex mansion with large panoramic windows is amazing.

(5). Genevieve Nnaji is also another actress who has taken to the love of Real Estate. She is a very popular and successful Nigerian actress. Genevieve earns big money in Nollywood. It is reported that the actress owns three large mansions. Two of them are in Nigeria: in Ikoyi and Lekki some for her parents. The film star also bought a house for a whopping sum of 4 million dollars in Accra, Ghana Her house is huge and so beautiful. These kind of Real Estates require significant expenses for their maintenance. It’s rumored that the house in Accra was presented to the actress by a Ghanaian billionaire. Other gossip report say that the house is only rented by Genevieve. Whatever the truth is, the mansion’s security is taken very seriously. Airtight is the word.

(6). The P-square’s “Palace”. Of course, if we talk about the houses of Nigerian celebrities, we cannot leave out two Super Successful brothers Peter and Paul Okoye. We have to say a few words about their chic mansion. The twins bought a very expensive mansion in Banana Island Lagos. It’s gorgeous and in no way inferior to the houses of the highly paid stars in the world. It’s a real a “Palace”. The house is very spacious and bright. It has everything you need for a comfortable life and Luxury living. As you can see, anything is possible in life if you discover your purpose and work your talent with diligence and just a little luck success is unavoidable and surly Inevitable. So If Nigerian celebrities are investing in Real Estate, shouldn’t you do the as well?

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