(THE need for Facebook for your business).
14 Years ago a young school boy in the four walls of his small university room got and worked on an idea that has changed the way millions meet, interact, and do business amongst’ numerous other benefits. The importance and power of an idea brought to life, is see in the obvious result of this great young man.

Mark Zuckerberg with an Idea, an idea put in action, has made the world by far more smaller and has made people millions of miles away, seem next door. This idea has made friends and family connect and stay connected effectively, as they share pictures, stories and facts online, it is a medium to display and relive memories and live events, living no room for missed moments.
As the topic of this edition (Facebook marketing and you), it is safe to say that no matter the level of business You run or operate, Facebook is and remains a very powerful and effective tool for Marketing.
Reasons and points shown below:
Facebook has a very large and convenient environment to develop your company brand identity and style, expand your reach and continuously inform your clientele on all company activities and structure. This is done by posting all forms of media, be it written, pictures, videos and all forms of adverts.
There are numerous formats, systems and Rules to the effective use of Facebook for your business, I will try to highlight a few I feel are of utmost importance in this wise.

1. Put up what will light up, spark up and draw more customers to your page. Look into the things that people respond more to on your page presently. Find out, work on it, expand it and post it more creatively. Find what makes people talk, whatever works for you now, work on it.

2. Optimize targeting: always make sure you allow targeting and privacy options when create posts on your Page, it is within your Page setting. Once you select you will see the targeting icon appear at the bottom left of the publisher. This is great exposure to Potential Customers, you have 1.19 BILLION USERS to your disposal. Any business that is truly a business must find new customers on Facebook, if not it is not a Business.

3. Send out Posts at the right time. Timing is everything, there are times to post important things on Facebook. Prime time: a time where most people, over 80% of Facebook users are online. Various research have been made and various times identified.
They are:
A. Early in the Morning, between 6am and 9am. Between 6pm and 8pm.
B. Weekends are also great times to post your adverts
Also to know when your fans are online, always check out the Posts report within Facebook insights.
4. No matter your business try and put it on video format, try Live streaming events, do a lot of company events, video the event and post them up for all to see. Use the Facebook Live, to broadcasfeatures of your brand, events and various celebrations.

5. Be more creative, use the power of words, Create and effectively use Blogs. Blogs, give you massive opportunity to increase visibility for your Facebook page, just embed relevant page update within blog posts.
6. Be more deliberate, Post amazing contents only the best of the best.

7. Create a Facebook fan page, it is as strong as a website. Use its benefits fully. Be dynamic,

8. Use your Facebook page as a post –Webinar discussion board. Webinars will surely boost your Facebook page fan base.

9. Combine your email listing with your Facebook. link Facebook to your major email, your email subscribers will see, comment, appreciate and share as well on Facebook

10. Make sure you boost your creatively placed posts; with as low as $5 your post goes straight to the right clientele. (Specific clientele) and numbers you decide.
Facebook is for everyone and any business big or small, it can never be over emphasized. Having a Facebook business page opens you up to almost a 1.9 billion active users worldwide who for one reason or another will buy into your company or product.
Your level of interaction and persistent upload of the right things at the right time as earlier discussed will endear billions of people to know you and your business, which in turn will increase sale, patronage, loyalty and many more referrals.
So get ready, get into the hub start today.

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