Answer: LUXURY OCEAN VIEW ESTATE is located at ETI-OSHO TOWN along Lekki Free Trade Zone Road 15mins drive after Dangote Refinery. It is adjacent to the prestigious La’Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort and about 50 minutes from Ajah bus stop.
Question: Who is the developer of LUXURY OCEAN VIEW ESTATE?
Question: Who are the marketers of LUXURY OCEAN VIEW ESTATE?
Question: What types of infrastructure will the developer provide?
Answer: Perimeter fencing, Well-structured road network, Gate house, Electricity, Green Area and Drainage System
Question: Would there be any development levy?
Answer: Yes, there is a development levy is yet to be determined at the moment.
Question: Would there be any survey/allocation fee?
Answer: Yes, there will be for Survey Fee: 1 Plot — ₦400, 000, 2 Plots — ₦700, 000, 3 Plots — ₦1million,
4 Plots — ₦1.2million, 5 Plots — ₦1.350million, 6 Plots — ₦1.5million
Question: Would there be an Agreement fee?
Answer: Yes, there would be an (Deeds of Assignment) Agreement fee of N50, 000 per individual.
Question: When will my plot(s) be allocated to me?
Answer: Immediately after the 100% payment for the land, documentation of land agreement and survey/allocation fees are made.
Question: What do I get after completion of payment for the land and documentation fee?
Answer: Receipt, Contract of Sale, Letter of allocation (Inclusive Survey) and Deed of assignment.
Question: What type of Title does LUXURY OCEAN VIEW ESTATE have on the land?
Answer: Deed of Agreement with Land Owners, Layout Plan and Government Proposed Excision File Number.
Question: Can I pay a deposit and pay balance anytime within the duration of tenure chosen?
Answer: After the payment of the initial deposit you are expected to pay the balance monthly within the duration. Nonpayment monthly as at when due will be treated as fundamental breach of contract which can result to 5% monthly late charges and possibly relocation of said plot(s).
Question: Is there any extra cost required to have a corner piece plot?
Answer: Yes, Corner piece attracts a 20% surcharge but if the corner piece exceed 650sqm, we shall enact a fee reconciliation.
Question: What does it take to acquire a commercial plot?
Answer: Commercial plots attract a 50 – 100% surcharge and are available on request and availability.
Question: Is the road to the Estate motor able?
Answer: Yes the road to the estate is motor able.
Question: Is there any time limit to commence work on my land after allocation?
Answer: No there is no time limit to commence work.
Question: Can I re-sell my plot/property?
Answer: A Subscriber can resell his/her property. However a letter of notice of ownership transfer should be written to BENCO LUXURY PROPERTIES LIMITED
Question: Can I make payment for land to your marketers?
Answer: While we are not discrediting any of our marketers, we strongly advice that payment should be in favor of REALTYPROS INVESTMENT GLOBAL LIMITED or BENCO LUXURY PROPERTIES LIMITED BANK ACCOUNTS. We would not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction.
Question: What is the size of the plot?
Answer: 600sqm.
Question: Is there an installment plan for both full plot
Answer: We have installment plan for full plot for up to 12 months flexible payment plan
Question: If I paid outright payment for my plot(s) and I’m no longer interested, can I get a refund?
Answer: Yes, you can get a refund however there is a strict 40% administrative and agency fee, and a minimum of (180) days’ notice to process.
Question: If I was on the installment payment plan and cannot continue with the payment. Can I get a refund?
Answer: Yes, you can get a refund however there is a strict 40% administrative and agency fee.
Question: If I invest in plot(s) of land, won’t I lose it to Omo – onile(s) or government acquisitions in the future?
Answer: No you won’t lose your property to any government acquisition or Omo – onile. We will be acting on your behalf to acquire and protect your interest at all times. Your property will be inside our estate and it will be secured and fenced completely.
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