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Painting your room like a pro is very much possible even if you have little or no experience. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to fix should something go wrong. All you need is basically just patience and the right tools. Before you get started, it is important to have a plan.

So let’s help you get started on the journey to being a pro! Read on!

1. Plan your approach: Think about how you want the finished project to look like, what kinds of designs you want, the quantity of paint you will require. If you’re painting a highly textured surface rather than a smooth one you may need little extra resources.

2. Choose your colour: Start by finding out about the general colour characteristics. Do you want it warm or cool? Consider if the shades you pick complement each other. Test the shades to see how they look in the room at different times of the day.

3. Pick out your tools and materials: Get the essential tools used for painting. This will depend on the type of your wall and the type of paint you choose. Some important painting tools paint, paint roller, paint roller extension pole, paint brushes, painter’s tape, and rags or old clothes.

4. Prepare the walls and the room: To protect your things and avoid damage, empty the room so you don’t end up splattering paint on your belongings as it may be difficult to take off. If you don’t have enough space, try covering your things with a cloth.

5. Mix your paint: Stir your paint with a wooden paint stick and re-stir, in case there is a slight variation in colour.

6. Choose a painting technique: Plan a strategy before you get started on how you will apply your paint. It is advisable you work from top to bottom. Tape off the edge so the colours don’t blend into each other, painting one wall at a time.

7. Tape the wall: The tape can be used to outline the area you want to paint and protect the area you don’t intend to paint.

8. Paint the walls with the roller: After loading the paint roller with paint, gently run the roller along the wall on the section you intend to paint. Start on the edges and move in a zigzag pattern. You can use a paintbrush for the edges.

9. Remove the painter’s tape: After painting, remove the painter’s tape gently. It will create a clean crisp line in the paint acting as a form of decoration.

10. Ventilate the room: make sure your space is well ventilated throughout the painting period as the smell of paints can be harmful when inhaled. Keep the room warm and airy to speed up the drying process.

Go pick up your tools and give your room a professional outlook!

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