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Real estate generally feels like a good investment. However, regardless of how perfect property might seem, it is pivotal to ask questions before making the final buying decision. There’s so much you need to know about a property that a seller might not tell you right away.

If you have done your research well, you will realize that not all property deals are good deals. So before you buy any property, you should make an inquiry and ask questions, Find out about the land documents in Nigeria so you won’t get duped. Don’t just ask but ask the right source.

Here are some essential questions to ask before buying land in Nigeria

Where is the property located, and how is the location?

How much is the total cost of the land?

Are there title documents on the property?

Is there access to electricity and water?

Are the boundaries of the property clearly marked?

1. Where is the property located, and how is the location: Location is one of the most important factors to look out for when investing in real estate. Buying  Land is an investment, and you shouldn’t buy one with no resale value. You don’t want to invest in an area you can’t build in. Find out if there are any environmental hazards, schools or hospitals around, or proper drainage channels.

2. How much is the total cost of the land: Before you buy any property, get accurate information on the total cost and payment plans of the property so you can spend wisely as the price of land in Nigeria varies depending on the size, area, and other factors. In addition, it is advisable to purchase your property from a trusted real estate development company like Realtypros investment Global Limited.

3. What titles are included in the property: A title is an exclusive right to possessing a piece of property. Therefore, it is imperative to check if the person who claims ownership of a property is the actual owner. It would be best if you were sure you are purchasing from the right owner to purchase with confidence.

4. Is there access to electricity and water?: Be sure you are not buying a property in a zone that has not had light in years. Or an area that doesn’t have good water drainage, A poor drainage around buildings can cause permanent damage. Be sure the land has functioning utilities.

5. Are the boundaries of the property clearly marked?: These days there are so many land boundary issues ending up in court, be sure to find out if there is any uncertainty about the boundaries of the property so that a survey of the land can be done.

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