Welcome to the Investors Club

Realtypros Investors Club is a consortium of Business minded individuals who are eager to invest specifically in the Real Estate sector.

Many today know the trend and have seen the possibilities and benefits in investing in Real Estate, but very few have the Mental/Technical know how or the access to verified and genuine properties.

Many wants to play big in the Real Estate Industry by owning Estate Schemes, Earn Residual Income, Own or Co-own commercial Properties and Enjoy high Return on Investment (ROI) on short term windows.

Realtypros Investment CLub (RIC) is the solution for these above and more, when it comes to Real Estate investment, from advisory, Legal, Surveying, acquisition to sales.

Join the Real Estate Investment Circle , as we pool funds together to Purchase Prime Properties and get our Return on Investment within estimated short Periods.


* Estate Schemes
* Shopping Malls
* Hotels
* Residential Buildings with Mortgage Facilities
* Farm Colony


* Membership would not exceed 20 for each window opportunity.
* Members are company’s representative in the respective countries
* Members are guaranteed 50% – 100% return on investment within the 1st 3 – 6months.
* Members stack are first on the list to be sold off.
* 1 time registration fee of N100k
* First Investment Capital of N2m commitment
* Members must approve the project before acquisition can commence.