Back in 2002, I started my journey into investment. I wanted to seize the best of opportunities that could yield good ROI within the shortest possible time. After engaging in several businesses to raise funds, I decided to make that bold step.

A friend of mine, Chukwudi, presented an offer for us to acquire a plot of land around Ipaja and resell in five years time. A 600sqm plot then went for ₦500k. I felt it wasn’t worth investing in as the location had very terrible roads that had not been repaired in years. I was also scared of the regular Omonile issue so I paid zero interest.

I opted to invest in poultry farming which turned out to be a huge failure as most of my birds died from a disease I had no idea about. I had to sell everything to start afresh.

Two years later, Chukwudi informed me that the road had been commissioned for repair and afterwards, prices of the land went from ₦500k to a whooping ₦2.5m.

500% ROI in less than three years?

Jaws dropped! I burst into tears…

It was like I had let the best opportunity of my lifetime pass me by. I cried painfully every night thinking about how blind I was not to know how profitable real estate could be.

A few weeks later, I had to dust my feet and take another turn; this time in real estate.

In 2004, I began my journey in real estate investment, learning all there is to know so I don’t fall victim of a scam or acquire a property that would have Government encumbrances. I was determined to make up for my previous failure on a missed opportunity.

This was how my journey into real estate began.

Fast forward today, we at Realtypros have put together a land banking investment package to help Investors earn good ROI if they take the bold step to key in. It’s my way of opening another version of my missed opportunity to you.

What Is Land Banking?
Land banking is the process of purchasing future real estate development sites with the goal of gripping it for some time and selling it at a profitable date when the price appreciates. It is one of the land speculations that include purchasing property at lower cost through an investment partner and reselling such property at the greater expense with high Return on Investment
Land banking offers a wise investment strategy which guarantees that investors with foresight can make a fortune.
Rather than saving your cash in the bank where you make like 3% in a year, why not just store your cash on landed properties where you can get over 30% to 50%profit within a year.
One of our estates, Katopp Haven Court, Phase 1 sold for ₦750k last year. This year, plots at Katopp Haven have risen to as much as ₦1.2m.

Strategic Places to Invest In Land Banking
Strategic places to invest in land banking are places with great landmarks. Instant Development is taking place in Ibeju Lekki, Abijo and Sangotedo right now.

Ibeju Lekki is where you have the Dangote refinery, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Pan African University, The New Seaport, Dangote Seaport, Proposed Airport etc.

How RealtyprosIGL Land Banking Works 
Our land banking strategy requires Investors to make a certain amount of financial commitment over a period of 12 to 18 months and we pay you a stipulated percentage ROI after this period.

This is an amazing investment opportunity for prospective and existing investors to invest and cash out.

Investment Option
Investment Rate: N1m – N5m in any of our estates
Duration: 12 months
Interest Rate: 30%

Investment Returns: N1.3m – N6.5m

Investment Rate: N1m – N5m in any of our estates
Duration: 18months
Interest Rate: 50%

Investment Returns: N1.5m – N7.5m

You’re not risking your investment in an unknown property. Funds received would be used to develop our existing estates and we share profits with you.

Try not to walk or drive past that property with laments a few years after a realtor attempted to persuade you to invest into a chance of a lifetime.

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