All great Achievers have their coach/mentor, such as: Messi, Bill Gate, Dangote and all of them, even myself.  In other to achieve greatness, you need to be guided, accountable, monitored and trained.  The RealtyPros Mentor Program allows individuals who are new to Real Estate, or those who are experiencing challenges, to connect with seasoned Real Estate Professionals for guidance, advice, and support.  Your mentor will work one-on-one with you to close deals on investment properties, sharing their knowledge and expertise as active and established real estate investors. They will share their methods with you and help you hone your own approach.  Registration is ongoing for the Realty Pros Mentorship Program.  In 3 – 6months, you do all you’ve been told and you don’t make millions, your registration few will be refunded.

The Mentorship Programme is N25,000

Pay into: 

RealtyPros Investment Global Limited.

 Fidelity Bank


Once you pay, send payment details and location to [email protected]