Obinna Azonobi is the founder and chief executive of Realtypros global, a real estate firm highly dedicated to utilizing the various dynamics in property development, consultancy, and marketing for wealth creation. a graduate of mechanical engineering from the prestigious federal university of technology Owerri, Obinna’s passion and keen business sense for real estate came to the fore while at Pazino engineering and construction company where he was the head of the firms business network.

Utilizing his effective knowledge in wealth creation through network marketing, Obinna quickly created a robust and highly effective and efficient real estate marketing platform comprising well over 7000 real estate agents and property dealers.

The intense property trading activities withing this platform contributed immensely to the market success of the establishment, while at the same time, ensuring a constant source of income for the members.

He is a professional member of the institute of advanced supply chain management London with critical skills in human resource management, Real Estate training and market development, ICT, logistics, and manufacturing.

A highly devoted and passionate hopes to use RealtyPros for the further propagation of wealthy youths and individuals through efficient real estate business.

What inspired you to choose real estate as a career/what was your 1st Job?

I came into real estate as an independent consultant, first I decided to develop myself (self-development) as well know that Nigeria has a backlog of unemployed men and women and most organizations want skilled workers.

That informed my marketing skills and self-development skills. To venture into real estate business, you need to have a genuine passion for the industry, be bold, confident, dynamic and very diplomatic. When you have these and a good knowledge of your product, you will excel in the industry.

What were your startup constraints and challenges?

Getting clients and access to genuine properties was a big challenge, a lot of wrong briefs and lack of encouragement from family and friends at the inset. But persistence paved the way to success. I didn’t stop until I got the job done.

Where are your properties situated?

Abjjo, Ibeju Lekki, Epe and in the east (Anambra State)

How have you been able to juggle family life and your business life?

It’s usually not easy you know but my business in one way or the other my family is part of it. I have educated them on what I do. It’s not a business that my wife, siblings, and people around me cannot operate.

I try to take a lot of rest in the early hours of the day, most times when I get home I suspend work completely for a short period of time and pay attention to my family. I really see work as fun, so when you fall me to work from Monday to Saturday, even on Sunday, I am passionate about it but I go less of my work on Sundays, I try to work people around me.

On Saturdays I work out with my family, we hang out once in a while; watch a lot of movies but when it is work tike you put in all your effort. So the most important thing is to understand family is as important as your career because if you have a successful career without your family, you will fail. Therefore I see them as important as my Job.

Once I am home, I give them all the attention and make sure they don’t lack, because if you’re making all the money and not picking the bills, issues will arise.

Why should people affiliate with RealtyPros?

In RealtyPros, we don’t just sell the properties; we follow you into the due diligence and perfection process, etc. Our estates and properties are genuine and verified. We also look at building long term relationships thereby making our clients, friends. We create value and make a difference everywhere we are engaged.

Besides R.E. What else can we find you doing?

I love working out (Going to the gym), going to the movies, participating in community development works and philanthropic activities.

What’s your daily mantra?

I don’t stop when I’m tired; I stop when I’m done!!

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