LivingWhy You Should Paint Your Office Walls in Any Colour but White

August 20, 2021by Realtypros Admin0

Painting your walls wight can be refreshing and leave you with a great feeling; however, this swirl of emotions would only apply if you are painting your room and not your workplace. Why? Well, a white wall means you have to paint your walls occasionally because of the influx of people into your space. However, this information is not the only determinant of what color you can paint your office walls…

Over time, it has been proven that colors affect our emotions and productivity; blue colors affect our mind; yellow your emotions; red your body; and green your ‘balance.’ By combining these colors, you can influence your behavior.

Colors can elicit a variety of emotions, affecting the mood and output of your staff. Here are some common paint-color choices and what you need to know to use them properly:

1. Red: Red is quite a powerful color; this color is detail-oriented. Red performs a variety of functions on the human body. This includes stimulating the pulse and raising blood pressure. , hence red can help increase performance in employees who have detail-oriented assignments. If you want to be more productive doing something physical, red would make you more productive than either blue or yellow because it stimulates you physically.

2. Blue: When it comes to communicating trust and efficiency, blue is the color for you to go with. This color is said to help with creativity by helping the mind stay open to new ideas. Many creative people have blue as their favorite color.

3. Yellow: Simulation and optimism are what yellow represents. This color is awesome for office walls; however, too much of it can cause anxiety, and studies show that people are more likely to lose their temper in yellow rooms, making it a bad choice for conference rooms.

4. Gray:  Grey is a psychologically neutral color; however,  the color also lacks energy. Heavy use of gray can foster a lack of confidence and even depression. This color should be used in small amounts in an office and offset by a brighter color, red or yellow. Therefore, avoid Gray to keep your morale high

Colors hardly ever exist in isolation; they’re usually surrounded by other colors.  There are no wrong colors either rather;, it is how you use them that matters. Use colors in the right way to boost the mood and feel in your office. 

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